With the open Door ("Mit der offenen Tür", Krause 0055, Oil o.C. Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur, Berlin, Inv.-Nr.BG-M 6564/93)
In the Air and in the Water ("In der Luft und im Wasser", Krause 0288, Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum, Inv.-Nr.BR59.11, Cambridge, MA. USA)
Chalk deposit ("Kreidevorkommen", Krause 0371, private collection)

Catalogue raisonné

This comprehensive online catalogue of works documents the complete œuvre of the artist Heinz Trökes: oil paintings, watercolors, mixed techniques, drawings, prints, as well as his sketchbooks. It also contains information for interested members of the public and specialists about previously unknown or lost works and forgeries.

This catalogue of works aims not only to document his vivid creative output, but also to make the complete artistic estate available to academia and encourage experts to conduct their research here. We look forward to lively discussions with you.

The catalogue is designed to enable works to be found accurately using numerous search filters. It also offers other services, such as personal light boxes, results lists that can be printed and special information about the works.

We are happy to include missing images of works or to add works that have so far been omitted from the catalogue. If you would like to contribute something to it, please contact us.

The aim of this website and catalogue of works is to make the œuvre of Heinz Trökes accessible to a broader public. We have made no attempt to prevent images of the works being downloaded or saved.
Private individuals are granted the right to use the image files for their own private use in accordance with the guidelines of the Creative Commons license 4.0. Key points in the license are the obligation not to change the works and to name the source.
Any other use is prohibited. This applies in particular to anyone working in any professional capacity in the field of the visual arts. If you are interested in professional or commercial use of individual works, please address your enquiry to VG Bild-Kunst who represent the copyright rights of use to all Heinz Trökes’ works under our contract.

Several years of planning and research have gone into creating this online catalogue of works by Heinz Trökes. Creating high quality images and technically flawless conversion was just as important as checking the information gathered.

We also consider the catalogue of works to be something that will continue to develop. So, as the first step, we look forward to making the catalogue of works available online in the German version. Work is underway on an English version.

If you are a non-German speaker, you can register your interest in the catalogue of works before the English version is ready.
Please understand that we require some information from you before we can grant you access to the protected area. Complete the form on our registration page.

Please note that until now this page is the only english page on our website. We will ad many more including the pages of the catalogue raisonné in beginning February 2020.