In Memoriam Ursula Benker-Schirmer

Mrs. Ursula Benker-Schirmer, artist and tapestry maker died at the age of 93 in October 2020. From 1947/48 she studied at the Art-School of Burg Giebichenstein, later on she continued her studies in Berlin and France. Besides own art-work she also realized tapestry of Henry Moore, Herbert Bayer, Georg Meistermann and Heinz Trökes (see German Wikipedia)

She has been producing four Gobelins using motifs by Heinz Trökes.

Here i.e. "MEHR ALS DREI MAL VOLLMOND" (More Than Three Times Full Moon), 207 x 147 cm, 1983. Allianz AG, Administration building Stuttgart.

New pro reproductions for the Trökes-Archive

Frequently the Trökes-Archive receives new images from museums, auction houses and private collectors. Lately we got these two reproductions of the oil paintings that are part of the  Kunsthaus NRW, Kornelimünster collection. This is how we can extend the amount and quality of our catalogue raisonné. We would like to thank very much all donors for their help and kindness. Manuel Trökes

 EILAND, oil o.c. 1959, 52 x 102,5 cm, Krause 0252, Inv.-Nr.Kgt.977

ASPKTE EINES TRABANTEN, oil o.c. 1963, 75 x 102 cm; Krause 0619, Inv.-Nr.Kgt.1190

The Trökes Estate in 2020

Unchanged and as it was designed by Renée Trökes with elements of Bauhaus and the iconic white cube island style, built in 1954 on Ibiza. See also under: photos/family, Trökes sitting in front of the house.

Three new Mars-Missions in 2020

The Trökes-Archive wishes all resent started Mars-Missions from UAE, China and USA luck and many new  findings for sciences and humanity.

🖖Dif-tor heh smusma (live long and prosper)

Heinz Trökes was in 1948 already at Mars.

“AM MARS” (At Mars), oil on canvas, 1948. Collection of Classic Foundation Weimar, Inv.-Nr.G 2400; New Museum Weimar (Thuringia)

TIP: Visit BAR BRASS – Am Spreebord 9, in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Since July 2020 we expose two oil paintings from 1968 at the Café of BAR BRASS. Combine your visit of the Sculpture Centre Hermann Noack with fine art foundry and production and a relaxing stay with exceptional food at BAR BRASS.

The Trökes-Archive is located at the same building but open to the public only by appointment.

From left to right "TRAUMBILD" (Dream prospect), oil o.c. 1968, "BEFLÜGELTES DORF" (Bewinged village), oil o.c. 1968

“BARBAROPA” Heinz Trökes, Oil painting from 1947 at House of European History

While searching early sold works of Heinz Trökes the painting "BARBAROPA" was found on the website of the House of European History. See: The Myth of Europa. We thank curator Dr. Christodoulou for his kind information about the collection and permanent exhibition in Brussels, Belgium.

"BARBAROPA", oil on canvas 1947.

Collection: House of European History, Brussels


gallery derdaberlin now open again

„The geometric line is an invisible thing. It is the track made by the moving point; that is, its product.“ Wassily Kandinsky - POINT AND LINE TO PLANE

In our exhibition POINT LINE TO PLANE you will get a choice of 19 mostly b/w minimalistic works on paper. In that concentration they have not been shown yet. The first two drawings from 1948 date back just shortly after Trökes became art director of the Gerd Rosen Gallery in Berlin in 1945. The last drawings date from 1961. All are fine, subtle and sublime line-compositions: ink, felt-pen and charcoal drawings on different papers in somnambulistic safe balance.

Due to the virus and safety regulations the exhibition is open by appointment only from May 15 till June 30, 2020 

DERDABERLIN, Fasanenstrasse 58, 10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

ill. "Magnetophonband", (P 19/1960) Heinz Trökes, b/w felt-pen (Flo-Master) on Ingres-Paper, 1960

75 YEARS GALERIE GERD ROSEN – May, 11th – August, 9th 2020

Exhibition at the Galerie of Kunsthaus Dahlem - open now

Kunsthaus Dahlem dedicates an exhibitions to the most prominent gallery in Berlin, which opened just a few months after the end of World War II and immediately became one of the most important venues for modern and contemporary art. With a selection of the works of art, photographs and original documents shown at the time, the exhibition traces the first five years of the gallery’s existence. Some works can be viewed for the first time since 1945/46 as part of an exhibition.

News From Sri Lanka

In 1958 Heinz Troekes travelled by ship from Amsterdam to Sri Lanka formally known as Ceylon. A three month trip via the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal to Colombo.

Now Mr. G.C. Wickremasinghe from Sri Lanka made contact with the Troekes-Archive. He became a well known businessman in a variety of sectors and is now 87 years.

Mailing us after having found the Troekes website we exchanged some photos from that time. Heinz Troekes was his guest on the family rubber plantation for several weeks.

This voyage was the only one on which Troekes did paint. See the catalogue raisonné and follow the search mask -> Free text search -> „Ceylon“ and „Singhalesische“.  

His diary has been published by Lindenau-Museum in 2013 with many b/w photos and water colors. See the page Publications.

Bilingual Publication ’75 YEARS GALERIE GERD ROSEN’

Meanwhile the publication '75 YEARS GALERIE GERD ROSEN' of the postponed Exhibition can be ordered at Kunsthaus Dahlem. 50 pages in German and English and with many b/w and color photos. Please support the Kunsthaus Dahlem with your order and donation.

Heinz Trökes in the than so called 'Puppet Avenue', Berlin-Tiergarten about 1948. Foto © K-L Haenchen, Berlin

Due to the coronavirus (covid-19) all exhibitions are postponed.

75 Anniversary of Gallery Rosen at Kunsthaus Dahlem, Berlin.
From April 4 – June 7, 2020 – Opening April 3 – 75 Anniversary of Gallery Gerd Rosen. The first Art Gallery after WW II opened in August 1945. Heinz Trökes was the first Artistic Director of this important Art Gallery, showing longtime forbidden Art after the 12 Years of the Nazi Regime. 

"FLUG DER STEINVÖGEL", oil on canvas (Flight of the Stonebirds) one of the paintings shown in 1945/46 at Rosen, will be exposed at the Kunsthaus Dahlem. 

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